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Gentamicin and sinus problems with herpes kitty cat
.What I would say about Gentamicin is: Sometimes these kitties do NOT have an active virus. But earlier flareups cause problems with sinuses and tearducts because they were so inflamed that there is constant irritation, scarring, and crepitation. When nothing else works to clear up the "runniness" of the sinuses, try using Gentamicin eye drops as nose drops. Begin with 3-7 days using 1 drop in each nostril (clear it out as much as you can first) three times a day. Then go to twice a day for another 3-7 days. Then once a day for 3-7 days, then use only as needed. This is an antibiotic drop that will often quell inflammation and/or low-grade bacterial action caused by constantly irritated sinus passages. Whether you use it for 3 days, 4 days, or 7 days has to do with how well the kitty is responding to treatment. If he seems a lot better already after three days, switch immediately to twice a day and see how that goes. Gentamicin eye drops come in a little bitty bottle, but it lasts a long time. My vet charged $16 for the bottle. Lots cheaper than constantly trying all the other stuff--not that that shouldn't be tried FIRST. God knows I've tried nearly everything, including acupuncture. I've never shared all the stuff I have in drawers I've tried on Rally. Truth be told, the steroid eye salve I used years ago made Rally's eyes perfect. But hey, STEROIDS? So his eyes aren't perfect (but much better with these drops). I've even used the antihistamine nose drops. Nothing worked as well as Gentamicin probably because there WAS a little infection. I would also add if they don't get better within two days of using the Gentamicin, I'd stop. Because this stuff works fast! As for whether Rally is acting different, yes, he is! When Rally is feeling really really good, he is more active, wandering around the kitchen, loving up on us, batting at the dogs, etc. Sleeping a bit less. And you can't HEAR him breathing all the time with wheezing, snoring, whistling, etc. He can BREATHE!!!