Bobby, Shakespeare and I would be very pleased that you would like to post his picture and documentary. I would like to add that extensive testing was done on Shakespeare that determined for sure of his health problem. Diagnosis was determined from submitting laboratory tests of blood titers, viral cultures, and microscopic evaluation of cells from the cornea and conjunctiva. Sometimes the virus will hide resulting in inaccurate test results. Also, I would like to mention that to relieve stress and stressful situations, Rescue Remedy, by Bach is great to use. I moved 1500 miles and Shakespeare did not have an outbreak! Just put one drop in kitties drinking water or place one drop on the tongue. I gave Shakespeare one drop on his tongue each morning while moving and one drop in his water till things settled down. Then discontinued use till the next stressful time. Rescue Remedy is easily purchased at health food stores or over the internet and inexpensive. With Love, Shakespeare and Darlene

Animals know when you are trying to help. My herpes kitty eyes were affected only, but that doesn't change the fact that it is HERPES. I spent many months working with an eye clinic as my 11 lb. Shakespeare's eyes had been misdiagnosed from my regular vet and became ulcerated. The eye clinic wanted to perform surgery twice and gave him very little hope of a successful recovery. I said " no surgery". I wanted to give herbs a chance combined with prescribed antibiotics. His recovery was 99% successful, only some scar tissue and never had surgery. The vet couldn't believe this, but what do they know. This is what I did and it helped a lot. I made a hearty beef stock added various vegetables with mitake or shitake or reishi mushrooms, no onions, no garlic with no salt to the broth and froze small amounts in sandwich bags. Don't forget the mushrooms they help to fight the virus.Cats love liver and other organ meats and that was included with the muscle meat in the broth stock. The broth really helped to bring back his appetite. I medicated his eyes with drops several times a day of: 1% Idoxuridine, Neomycin and Polymyxin B Sulfates and Gramicidin ophthalmic solution, and applied A.K.W.A. Tears ointment twice a day during the outbreak. Interferon was used for a short time for his first outbreak. On a daily basis I gave him 500 mg. of Lysine and 500 mg. of Vitamin C with bioflavonoids in split doses. The vitamin C with the Lysine work together to push back the virus. I put one drop of Dioxychlor from American Biologics in his water. This is an important antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal agent and will help to stop the virus's advance. Egg lecithin is also good to control the virus and I gave him about one third of a capsule each day. If the Lysine, Vitamin C, Lecithin are hard to administer try mixing a little in Nutra-Cal with some broth into a thick gravy and gently spoon in his mouth with a baby spoon. Good vitamins were added to all of this, I think Vetri-Science is about the best. I medicated around the clock, nights too and Shakespeare's successful recovery weighed in at a whopping 14 1/2 lbs. I keet Shakespeare on a daily maintence of 500 mg. of Lysine and 300 mg. of Vitamin C., split doses and vitamins. I changed his diet to raw meat and raw white fish with some Sheba and some high quality dry food as the commercial food does help to provide balanced nutrients. The raw meat is safe if it has been frozen for 24 hours before it is eaten. I did not feed any pink fish, raw pork or raw chicken. I always keep the broth frozen and feed it to him when he starts to loose his appetite. To keep him healthy I gave every day the 500 mg. Lysine and 300 mg. Vitamin C. and the vitamins. If I suspect an outbreak I the Vitamin C to 500 mg. I have all my herpes kitties on this recipie now and they have had fewer outbreaks and the outbreaks are less severe.

The vet seems to think the Oli-Pet caused the pancreas problem in one of my cats who has a lot of allergies, and strongly urged me to discontinue the use of Oli-Pet. To be on the safe side I have discontinued using Oli-pet, olive leaf extract although I have not read about or heard about that before.
Hope this helps. Darlene