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What is new in drug therapy for
our companions:

epileptic drugs, behavior modification,Deprenyl,
Fentanyl,Control of Pain: Osteoarthritis.
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories,etc-
you might want to download this page

drug patent expirations
A Medicare rights hotline
for medicare recipients with incomes
under a certain amount
-discounts on certain drugs

Site which gives numbers
for drug companies that
provide prescriptions to people in need
-usually with no charge
great site for information
on generic drugs

right now some congressmen
trying to get rid of
loopholes to get generics
online faster to save us money

Who is congressman Bernie Sanders?
An advocate for cheaper prescription drugs
Sanders is the author of H.R. 1512,
a comprehensive prescription
drug bill that would establish
a Medicare prescription
drug benefit and lower
drug prices for all
Americans through reimportation
and other regulations.
Please visit his website and read more
on prescriptions drugs

Bernie's write up
on seven FDA members
and ties to pharmeutical industry

FDA's medwatch-safety alerts
Medicare and prescription help
drug importation proposal
FDA Search Engine
list of new drugs
and generics from
1998-2002 from FDA

List for 2002
including some criteria
and some application
forms for free meds
from pharmaceutical companies
...a must for those with low incomes

for humans with low income
list of drug companies
that provide free


To save money,
if possible ask
your vet or md for stronger
prescription tablets
and break them in half.
You might save
more than fifty percent
For capsules, I have
read that you can put
the capsule in fruit juice
and then divide the fruit
juice in half after properly
stirring it. Again..ask your doctor
if that is all right!!!
Free discount
medication card

Direct medical for CRF supplies
hyrdro vet-chronic renal

" We offer low-cost
supplies for subcutaneous
(SubQ) fluid
administration to dogs
and cats"

Unlike MD's who don't
sell prescriptions,
your vet may give you
a hard time as they often
mark up the prices.
In some states
there are laws against that.

If you don't have a mortal
and pestle, and you want
to crush the pills
to put in food,
try using two spoons
and crush the pill
that way

Probably easiest way
to pill a cat is
to put your left
hand on the top
of the head
and point the nose
to the ceiling
and use index and
thumb to open the mouth.
With your right hand,
if you are a righty,
put the pill in the mouth.
Then close the kitty cat's
mouth with the nose still
pointing skyward, and
stroke the throat
until you hear a gulp.
Some cats though
do catch on and
"fake the swallow".
Click here for
please also visit <BR>thensome's pethealth links
just feline health links

excellent reference by marvista vet
re specific drugs

D.A.P. (Dog Appeasing Pheromone
-one of few places
I found which sells this
French product that helps with separation anxiety, anxiety etc.
They have obviously
more than prescriptions
gov site which describes drugs(also gives generic names)
vedmedcenter-good overview of drugs

More and more websites are springing up where we can buy discount cat and dog prescriptions. Your vet should give you a prescription to fax or send or email to these companies. My vet has no problem with it. In different states there are laws to make the vet write the prescription for you rather than just selling you the medication.

save money buy medications from rxbyfax canadian discount pharmacy
Ask your vet what side effects to watch for. Some drugs make you think your animal is fading fast, when it is just reaction to the medication.
Remember animals tend to hide their pain, especially cats.
Remember you should ask your doctor for a double dose of the medication he is prescribing to save money. First check if the pills are scoreable which makes splitting much easier. Just by getting a stronger strength and halving it might save you almost fifty percent right there. Also at least in New York, the pharmacies have to give you the generic version of the drug if available unless the doctor specifically requests the brand name. Generic drugs are released when the patent has nothing to do with quality. Generic drugs are under the same very strict regulatory codes for standards. You may also ask the pharmacist to fill with the cheapest generic. They may instead fill with a higher priced one.

If you don't want to buy mail order drugs for yourself from Canada, Walmart mail order might just have the best prices-talk about buying power.You have to send in the prescription or your doctor could fax it in. I was told they do not charge for shipping. Their telephone number is 1-800-273-3544. As of yet, they do not sell vet drugs. If enough of us call them and tell them to, who knows..

They also sell DENOSYL SD4 -dog and cat version of SAMe-great for the Liver-research is being done now for animals..already done for humans..also used for depression on humans at least.Also research done on lameness and shows it helps.. they also carry a pill gun for $6 dollars. They seem to carry a generic version of Clomicalm CHLOMIPRAMINE-and sell the lowest dose for .50 cents a can always split the higher doses and save more money.
They also sell DURALACTIN-An immuno-nutritional aid for the management of chronic inflammatory conditions in dogs, including musculoskeletal disorders in aging pets.
Dosage 1/2 tablet per 40 lbs, twice daily.-16.50-website milk of human science
quote from Dr. Craig Woods
"Duralactin represents a unique approach to aiding in the management of inflammatory conditions, mainly targeting leukocyte migration and adherence. The anti-inflammatory mechanisms are well described and Duralactin has an unparalleled safety profile. This is not just another nutraceutical that lacks scientific evidence, Duralactin is supported by years of solid, high quality research."

$10 Off Your First Non-Insured Prescription Order

120x60_10% off  All Wellness Store_NPER001

PetPharm CanadianWhen you first look at the prices remember they are Canadian and you have to use a translator..
Natalie wrote on the feline herpes forum
"I can tell you that the single most important thing you can do for a CRF kitty is make sure their phosphorous is at or slightly below 4. You can order Basaljel (a popular aluminum hydroxide phosphorus binder in gel caps) from Canada. They don't make it here in the US anymore, but it's also very inexpensive in Canada - even with shipping. It binds phosphorous in the gut (you give with food) and is eliminated as bodily waste. You'd also want to minimize intake of sodium and magnesium. Calcium and vitamin D are another thing to watch, as CRF kitties can get an overabundance of calcium in their systems and suffer from calcification of soft muscle tissue if it gets too high. If you need Basaljel, Pet Pharm ( is an Ontario, Canada mail order pet pharmacy."
One of the few Canadian pharmacies that sell vet prescriptions.
RXUSA-they even seem to sell cancer drugsRXUSA has incredible research information etc on most of the drugs they carry-that is truly a must read
The perfect gift for Dog Lovers
Dogtoys also sells wonderful treats. They sell Alaskan Salmon Yummy Chummies. The first day I gave them to Hammy, he spent two hours searching for more of them. He is 15 years old. Their first ingredients are whole Alaska Salmon, Salmon Meal Wheat Flour and Vegetable Protein.

Entirely Pets

D.A.P-Dog Appeasing Pheromone
Reduces or prevents stress related behavior Calms dogs during thunderstorms, fireworks, visits by strangers, or moving to a new home Helps puppies adapt to new environments One diffuser vial lasts up to 4 weeks Female dogs secrete pheromones that comfort and reassure their nursing puppies. These "appeasement" pheromones have the same calming effect on adult dogs. D.A.P. mimics these appeasement pheromones to reduce or eliminate stress in dogs of all ages.
planetdrugsdirect a New Zealand based onlinepharmacy-they say free shipping etc
RXbyTel -again for human drugs but their prices look great..not as great as Canadian onlines but..also it appears they have free shipping over 30 dollars and price matching
Free Shipping with No Minimum Purchase 468 x 60

-this is one of my favorites-they have an 800 number-if your order is above 50 dollars-they don't charge you shipping-your vet can call them up and give the prescription over the phone. You have to pay extra for two day delivery
National Pet Store
been in business a very long time-great prices-higher shipping costs

-vaccines plus pet supplies



Among the many products KVVET sells, Maxi/guard oral gel is one of them. Oral gel for cats' dental needs. Read a recent research study strongly suggesting might help for stomatis, gingivitis,oral ulcers, problems associated with feline herpes Clinical and microbiological effects of oral zinc ascorbate gel in cats.
The results of this study suggest that zinc ascorbate gel used as an oral antiseptic improves feline oral health, and may be most effective in decreasing bacterial growth, plaque formation, and gingivitis when applied following a professional teeth cleaning procedure.


New England Serum
vaccines plus pet supplies

Absolutely Pets
-two day delivery-perscription charge-discount perscriptions
Australian Store with great prices for Advantage etc
They sell Vetasyle Fiber -etasyle Fiber Supplement encourages natural elimination without the aid of chemicals, while providing a gentle, effective relief from constipation. Contains 100% natural fiber source, which includes Psyllium & Barley. Convenient, easy-to-administer.
Healthy Pets
ageless pets

Non prescription but some great immune supporting products-sold to vets for over 25 years-such as Oli-Vet™ is 100% pure Olive Leaf Extract.,A nutritional supplement to support immune system function, oxygen utilization, endurance, and muscle recovery.* Am currently also giving it to one of my animals for urinary infection
Gluta-DMG™ is a combination of two effective products,Gluta-DMG™ is a combination of two effective products, Gluta-Syn™ and Dimethylglycine (DMG). Gluta-Syn™ is an undenatured whey protein isolate that represents proprietary technology. It is a multi-patented product (five patents) for improving immune system function and for producing a sustained cellular increase of glutathione in the body.*.,etc
Dr Marty Goldstein mentions their products in his book Nature of Animal Healing