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Pethealth Links isn't meant to overwhelm-but am afraid I have put too many links for the average pet owned person.If you simply what to find a brief description of the illness your beloved companion has you can immediately to go vet encyclopedia that can be found on numerous vet sites such as
vet encyclopediavetinfo for caninescatencyclopedia
If you notice any changes in your companions, don't necessarily blame it on the weather or older age, and let it be, have your companion get a check up at the vets, with a blood test or xrays if you have doubts. We are their guardians on earth and we become their responsibility when they arrive in heaven
You also may want to weigh your dog as he/she gets older by first weighing yourself and then holding your dog if your dog isn't too large. When you see your dog every day, it is hard to notice when there is significant weight loss that spells trouble
online discount  pharmacy for cheap medications

Please be patient with this site-and check the different pages besides this main page-Later for instance you might realize the importance of the liver for instance and amino acids and want to see how you can help support the liver with alternative remedies. You might have only thought of detox in terms of "drugs" but later you might start hearing more and more about helping the immune system to function better and detox detox detox. All of a sudden, milk thistle, astragulus, paratox, colostrum etc might become just givens. There has been method to my madness in my quest for extending Morgy's life and the quality of his life. Morgan, Hammy, Yuki and Snowball are most fortunate to have the most awesome vet with a very busy practice and who will always find time for emergencies. My links are all filtered-hopefully they contain the best vet sites on the net that contain information beyond what your vet has told you. Many of us do not use alternative vets, so many of the links contain information that suggest supplements, herbs, nutrition, vaccination pros and cons and emphasis on immune boosting. Later the knowledge acquired, can also help your two legged friends. If your animal companion has cancer, please read Gregory K. Ogilvie, DVM's article or print it out and show it to your vet. It appears he is talking about simple carbohydrates and not complex carbohydrates for feeding cancer. Also remember there is a difference between grains..there are gluten free grains such a millet, and amaranth(not really a grain). Also there is at least one study showing that oatmeal can be eaten without reaction if one has celiac disease. Ogilvie's research also doesn't include the flaxseed cottage cheese diet. Dr. Budwig has written extensively how it has helped cancer patients. I am so certain that it prolonged Morgy's life.
.Click here for more information and links for Flaxseed..(I call my Morgy the flaxseedkid It might extend the life of your companion!
Re Rimadyl, my vet feels it is the best drug to have come onto the market. Morgy has been on it now for almost two years. There are strong suggestions that some dogs have idiopathic reactions to it. Many people are now scared to give it to their dogs. A very bright friend sent me this specific warning.."With Belgians we are extremely cautious as even short term dosage to a dog with low body fat can cause liver failure."
"Data exist demonstrating that many antioxidants, minerals, proteases, garlic, enzymes, and tea all have some potential for reducing the risk of cancer, or the growth and metastases of established malignant diseases."from the Ogilvie article
Please check some of the message boards-ie caninecancer-to ask others' experiences on chemo, amputation, etc. These caring people will help you face some of the most horrible decisions you have to make.
If you are still using pesticides for your lawn, please read this short story re canine malignant lymphoma
-informal large study-
A growing number of vets and animal owners are concerned re overvaccination and the increasing number of illnesses resulting in our companions.
To get an idea of how profitable it is for vets to vaccinate our pets check out price list at OmahaVaccine , ie rabies less than two dollars with syringe
--price list at Omaha Vaccine-
vaccination researchplease read this short article re researcher who has examine over 60k research articles on vaccinations and her conclusion
There are two groups on egroups of very concerned owners-jstsayno2vaccs-andstop_overvax
you might want to read Don Hamilton's article re vaccination issue
- re vaccination issue

800-248-SPAY-an agency that might help you locate cheaper spaying and neutering facilities!

Pet finder-organization that lists rescue groups throughout country!
You might want to bookmark the following link to help you interpret what your vet says if your companion has to have tests-
How to read laboratory tests
Promed egroup-contains the latest updates on infectious diseases-
If you are searching for feline noncancer health links, please click herejust cat links Here is hoping that site doesn't overwhelm you with a lot of the special needs links. To save time, against internet convention, this page is jammed pack with links-it might take longer to download than many, but once downloaded much time is saved by not having to make another "server request". The unusual format of putting the links in little boxes affords the ability for quicker scanning for information you might be seeking. First suggestion is to find a humane vet. If he/she doesn't have the time to talk with you-please find another. I am still searching for references so once I stop, I will reorganize this page. Most of our vets are not trained in holistic treatments. As a result, a heavy focus will be on information re holistic methods to help our pets and wow-wind up also finding remedies for their owners' health problems. If you decide to use some of the holistic remedies-please consult with your vet! I continually look for good deals on the net, especially pet supplies. In the directory to the right, I will have a section-great deals. That should be up in a day or two. Next suggestion as tick season and flea and mosquito season approaching-look for some herbal solutions. For instance, I have repeatedly read that Tea Tree Oil and Neem are a great repellents(seems like best for ticks-do your own homework! Also remember-if you use essential oils-they can be highly toxic if they are not diluted- To help maintain this site, please check out the affiliate programs.
The herbal references on this site will provide you with information and THENSOME! If you don't have time you might want to buy Pets for Herbs or Mary Tuiford's herbal products-Animal Apawthecary-right now Vitamin Resourceappears to have best prices for this brand. Click on directory-It also has information on supplements such a Moducare for overactive immune systemModucare writeup by Thorne, paratox for liver, IP-6 for immune boosting, Cogen10, MGN3, etc. I
1-800-PetMeds  -  Save $5
am in process of building a quick herbal reference(in the directory on the right) to help identify the herb you might want to do further research on.
A lot of the herbal sites will also give clues as to how one can take better care of oneself. I have been focussing on alternative remedies to boost Morgy's immune system to fight his cancer-It really makes sense-ie herbs with diuretic properties might lessen stress on heart and kidneys and bladder, detoxing herbs might put less stress on liver, antifungal, antimicrobial and antibacteria, antiparasites again might put less stress on the body and let the immune system have less to work on.
A great starting reference isMEDICAL BOTANY -also has precautions!
There are many sources on the net for free information on botantical medicine. There are so many alternative solutions for over the counter remedies- The message boards for special needs pets such as canine and feline cancer, FIP and many others will help you meet others who share information and support.

The store above has best price I have found for the Deluxe Bark Control Collar--amongst other items to help train your doggy and help you to keep your dog safe
The Deluxe Bark Control Collar is the most advanced bark control collar ever made! Our patented Perfect Bark™ Technology simultaneously senses both sound and vibration, and only a combination of sound and vibration will trigger the electronic correction.
The Deluxe Bark Control Collar accurately detects a dog's bark every time. Some bark collars detect barking with a microphone and activate on sound, these can be set off by other noises or by another dog's bark. Some bark collars use only vibration, these can be set off by motion or jostling. Only Perfect Bark Technology™ ensures fool-proof bark detection.
They also sell a sound attachment for a collar but I don't think it works for the different noises a grieving dog might make or a highly anxious dog makes. A lot of these links will also help you learn about alternative, inexpensive alternatives that can help boost your family's immune system for preventation. There is more and more research showing the immune benefits of garlic, astragulus, green tea, ginger(stomach), cogen10, milk thistle(liver), tumeric, cranberry, raspberry, flaxseed oil, paul d'arco, goldenseal, echincea, magnesium, cat claw, vitamin C, etc. Many antifungal benefits for many others such as tea tree oil etc. Also sources for some herbal pain killers such as hypericum and arnica. Herbal remedies for anxiety and depression such as ignatia amara, St. John's wart, kava kava, rescue remedy, even licorice.. The animal support groups are a way of sharing information and asking questions or finding support. The Nontoxic cleaning site provides ways of eliminating toxic cleaning solutions and relying more on vinegar, salt, borax, baking soda etc. The cancer site is hopefully a way of creating a database of our pets with cancer and supplements and treatment modalities we give them. If you already have a registry or websites devoted to pet cancer, I would gladly post the links on that site. Practically all of the pethealth links I have included are definitely not 101-Most are intense reads-Also the pet supply links if you comparative shop will show you that some are definitely cheaper than others-the same is true with the vitamin and herbal stores-

Pet discount catalogs have been around a lot longer than the internet stores. So far I have only had pleasant and helpful experiences. Practically all have 800 numbers where you can place your orders. Most do not carry food but do carry everything else you can imagine. The staff have always helpful and patient. When something is not right, I have had no problems in returning the product and getting a replacement.
Noah Pet s
JBPET Jeffers
Omaha Vaccine rcsteele Cherrybrook kinekountry
VitaminResource-owned by an animal lover who appears to have best prices for natural care pet books, flower essences, and pet herbal products!(ps she is my friend-my if you price shop-you will be delighted King
wholesale warehouse
New England SerumRevival Animal
valleyvet-petcatalogueanimal magic
working dogs
obedience, flyball
dogtraining equipment
Doggon wheels-special needswheelchairsfordogsk9cartsPetStep

Please click here for over 60 links related to pet cancerpet cancer page
. There is a heavy emphasis on osteosarcoma and bone cancer. My MorgyMy Morgy was diagnosed with bone cancer last November. As a result of his only being prescribed pain killers as he also has heart condition and wouldn't be able to withstand amputation, I have been concentrating on boosting his immune system, looking for herbs that would help and changing his diet. You will find links to sarcomas, lymphomas, mast cell tumors, feline sarcoma associated with vaccines, skin cancers, treatments, radiations, drugs, feline mammary tumours, Squamous Cell Carcinoma and many more.

There is a growing sentiment that many of our pets are being overlyvaccinated. The following links may help you make a more educated decision on vaccination. As more people share their personal experiences with negative experiences-ie their pets getting cancer, possibly more research will be done. Many of these links offer vets' opinions
VACCINATIONS cyberpet k9health
altvetmed Vaccine
immune system
discussion group
Of Vaccine-Associated
Feline Sarcomas
vaccines plus more

These links are mostly explanations by vets-many informed individuals on the net-I purposively have tried to keep most of the links re canine and feline health to vet commentary(both traditional and nontraditional-might be easier to get your vet's attention when you cite what "this vet" said -hopefully more and more pet owned people will go to message boards to share experiences
Stones supplements for
kidney stones
CALCIUM OXALATE calcium oxalate
and baking soda
bladder stones vetmedwisc
Canine and Feline
Nephrology and
Urology Page
bladder stones

MISDISAGNOSED-dogs usually don't have rash and exhibit symptoms a few months later-limping, loss of appetite, lethargy, joint pain etc-one might want to look into tea tree oil or neem oil as possible natural repellent
one tip for removal is to coat tick with petroleum jelly which might make it release its hold
ehrlichia Lymes Misdiagnosis DrSchoen
another lyme site bacterial diseases ticks other tick bourne disease
great link for ehrilichiosis and other links Canine Babesiosis and Ehrlichiosis-PETER IRWIN ANTECDIAGNOSTICS Ehrlichiosis
tick bourne disease ledum
lyme disease
tick paralysis
lymes-iron-possibly breakthrough
down the road?
Tick research lab

Many of the following links are general references to vitamins and herbs-ie they apply to humans as well as the four legged wonders-I have been trying to find actual research studies but they are rare-Many of these links take you directly to online vitamin stores on net which have provided the consumer with great explanations of possible benefits.Please click on vitamins, herbs, supplements and homeopathic remediesThe page contains links to Mothernature, CVS, Black Kat Herbals, Pethealer, More, Allherbal etc.

arthritis articles and supplements
    said to be up to
    You can order Helen McKinnon's book at 888/ 339 - IFTA (4382)
  • analsacs
  • Irritated eyes
  • more links
  • Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy
  • heartwormsociety
  • you can use heartlinx search engine for heart conditions
  • health problems by breed
  • dogfoodsites
  • colloidal silver
  • Household meds for pets and more
  • article on probiotics-cottage cheese eliminated Snowy's constipation problems
  • masticatory muscle myositis
  • Distal polyneuropathy
  • Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva
  • breeders-health articles
  • Med search engine
  • herbal remedies for parrots and birds
  • brief review on tomatoes
  • thescientist cancer issue
  • doglists breed HOFIN
  • doglovers books
  • natural therapy center for animals
  • autoimmune diseases in dogs
  • AIHA
  • autoimmune diseases in dogs
  • dermatology lecture notes-rough but interesting
  • DLE-discoid lupus erythematosis-could turn to cancer?
  • Dr.theo avoids these "joint treaters"
  • Bach FlowerDr.Schoen
  • immunostimulants-Dr Schoen-
  • food allergies
  • heartproblems-Dr Schoen
  • seizures-Dr. Schoen
  • arthritic dogs Dr. Schoen
  • Dr. Schoen degenerative Degenerative Neurologic Diseases
  • Dr.Schoen-botantical medicine
  • canine diabetes
  • diabetes notes
  • Great barf links
  • dmso dimethylsulfoxide)
  • Hydrazine Sulfate
  • sick sinus-female schnauzers predisposed
  • antioxidant group
  • fundamentals of nutrition
  • Jean C. Hofve, DVM-nutrition
  • canine building blocks
  • lipids, minerals and vitamins
  • cybercat articles
  • cyberpet dog articles
  • medipatch-holistic info and products
  • petcentral
  • pro vitamin c
  • feline first aid
  • skin tumours of dogs and cats-book
  • airway disorders
  • perianal fistulas
  • perneal hernia.
  • caudaequinas syndrome
  • discospondylitis.
  • spondylitis
  • lasersurgery
  • normal versus abnormal xray squz
  • CDSCanine Cognitive Dysfunction-
  • zoonitic diseases-diseases spread from animals to humans
  • articles on skin
  • Uricare-ayuvedicfor kidneys and urinary tract-"The mode of action of UriCare® is linked to calcium metabolism and the proper physicochemical conditions to maintain calcium in solution for normal elimination. UriCare® has been shown to reduce the susceptibility of calcium salts of oxalic or uric acids to develop microcrystals. UriCare® administration regulates uric acid levels and brought about significant improvement in the quality of life - (The Medicine and Surgery (1980): May - June 5)."
  • Have recently read that Olive Leaf Extract also recommended for urinary infections
  • nutrition links
  • Re Fat as pro in dog's diets
  • Enzymatic studies-do a search ie:IP6
  • Altvetmed cancer diet
  • Barf diet
  • BRAWNYPETS homeopathy
  • cats and fish food
  • canine leptospirosis.
  • BNA analysis
  • cat nutrition
  • what he writes about supplement Animal Essentials (Aquamin) is made from seaweed as a safe alternative for calcium
  • diets for dogs-ie liver problems, kidney problems etc
  • feline/canine holistic
  • Dr.Jean Hofve and home cooked diets for dogs and cats
  • fermentable fiber article-from journal-CRFdescriptions from nutritional organization-interesting re zinc!
  • Horner's Syndrome
  • hyperthyroidism
  • herpes in dogs