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Oli-Pet™ - Olive Leaf Extract

Potent herbal remedy against infectious diseases and other health problems relative to animal husbandry.

Roger V. Kendall, Ph.D.

Vice President of Research & Development



The olive tree, botanically-classified as Olea europaea L. has been the source of natural healing agents down through the ages including the olive oil produced from its fruit. For centuries, teas and other preparations made from olive leaves have been used successfully to treat fevers and gastrointestinal complaints, including parasites in human patients. Oli-Pet™ is the trade name for U.S Animal Nutritionals of Vermont's extract of the olive leaf. Research and animal studies have shown Olive Leaf Extract to be effective against a broad spectrum of microbial agents, including viruses, bacteria and even parasites. Oli-Pet™ can be considered one of the most useful and safe natural anti-microbial herbal extracts yet discovered. It can inhibit and kill over 100 microorganisms which can cause disease and death on a broad scale. Oli-Pet™ can be considered Nature’s antibiotic remedy to be used to prevent and treat numerous animal infectious conditions and health problems related to:

The potent healing properties of Oli-Pet™ Olive Leaf Extract in so many diverse areas makes it one of the most comprehensive and versatile phytonutrients in products discovered to date. The principal active component in Oli-Pet™ is Oleuropein, a natural product of the iridoid group. Upon hydrolysis, Oleuropein can produce other bioactive fractions including Elenolic Acid. Oleuropein can be found in the olive tree’s bark, leaves, roots, wood and fruit where it protects the plant from nearly every insect and bacterial invader known and provides mankind with a truly remarkable therapeutic agent with broad health applications.

Background to Discovery

The olive tree has produced medicinal products from the earliest time of recorded history. For instance, olive oil was the main ingredient for treating a variety of afflictions as recorded in the annals of folk medicine including burns and inflammation. Hippocrate's records showed olive oil preparations were used for treating ulcers, cholera and pain.

Beginning in the early nineteenth century, medical journals began to report that the bitter tea brewed from olive leaves was an effective treatment for malaria, a parasitic disease passed on to man and animals through mosquitoes. Many patients improved using this therapy, but further work on this natural antibiotic and antiviral agent was to wait for another 100 years before the true extent of olive leaf extract’s healing potential would be discovered. Later in that century, biochemists isolated a crude powdered extract from olive leaves, which contained Oleuropein, which was considered to be the source of the olive tree’s powerful disease and pest-resistant properties. Oleuropein can be found in most parts of the tree, but is especially rich in the leaves.

In 1962, research done in Italy showed that Oleuropein could reduce high blood pressure in animals. Other studies demonstrated that Oleuropein could increase blood flow, relieve arrhythmias and prevent intestinal spasms. A Dutch scientist isolated a terpenoid compound from the Olive Leaf Extract, which was called Elenolic Acid.

By 1969, pharmaceutical chemists at Upjohn found that upon acid hydrolysis, Oleuropein would produce this same Elenolic Acid, which was isolated as its calcium salt. They tested Calcium Elenolate against a wide range of microorganisms in-vitro, including viruses, bacteria and parasites and found it was extremely active as an anti-microbial agent. They proved that Olive Leaf Extract kills germs and infective agents of all kinds and that Elenolic Acid or its salt, Calcium Elenolic Acid was active as well. Unfortunately, when Calcium Elenolate was tested in-vivo in dogs, it would bring to serum proteins and lose its antimicrobial activity according to the scientists at Upjohn. Oleuropein, apparently in its natural state, can bypass this tying up problem caused by Elenolic Acid. Dr. Morton Walker, a medical journalist, reports in his book Nature’s Antibiotic — Olive Leaf Extract, that Oleuropein is active against 137 infectious diseases shown in the medical literature or reported by health practitioners doing clinical evaluation with the Olive Leaf Extract. This comprehensive list is reported on page 65 (Table I) of his book.

A partial list of where Olive Leaf Extract was reported to be effective is shown below:

Physicians have reported that Oli-Pet™ is effective in eliminating the symptoms and source of many types of infection due to bacteria, viruses and parasites as well as other conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, some forms of cancer, skin eruptions and psoriasis. Oli-Pet™ is especially effective against respiratory conditions of bacterial origin, including tonsillitis, pharangitis and tracheitis. Viral infections such as herpes, influenza, and shingles respond well to Olive Leaf Extract therapy.

The Post Antibiotic Era

According to well-documented scientific evidence, the myriad of pharmaceutical antibiotics developed over the past fifty years are no longer as effective against bacterial infections as they once were. Bacteria have developed antibiotic resistant mechanisms, which negate the protective effect of many antibiotics commonly used today. Proof of this is that over 2 million people are infected in hospitals every year even when given antibiotics to prevent infection.

Bacteria replicate at very accelerated rates inside an infected animal and if the bacterial numbers exceed the capabilities of the immune defense, dire consequences follow. Bacteria bring about illness by churning out micro-toxins or by digesting and breaking down tissues.

Antibiotics work by killing the growing bacterial colony in one of three methods:

In order to work, antibiotics must penetrate the bacterium or bind to the outer membrane of the cell wall. With the excessive use of antibiotics over the past 20 years, bacteria have been able to develop mutation strategies, which no longer allow the antibiotic to penetrate the bacteria or bind to the cell. Microbes also have been able to neutralize the antibiotics by using immunological genes called plasmids (small circular strands of DNA). These plasmids help the bacteria to generate enzymes, which can actually destroy the antibiotic and render it harmless. When "Super bugs" come on the scene, it requires a whole new class of more sophisticated antibiotics to overcome them. The problem is that the pharmaceutical industry is not keeping up.

For instance, the super new strain of staphylococcus, although once killed by Penicillin, now has adapted to inactivate every antibiotic used against it except Vancomycin, a potent antibiotic that unfortunately also has major adverse side effects.

Antibiotic resistant bacteria have led to a big increase in ear, lung and sinus infections in children and adults. Drug resistant food-born salmonella cases have drastically increased since 1979. Pharmaceutical companies are having difficulty in developing new super antibiotics to treat these drug-resistant bacteria. They have failed in many cases to produce anti-viral medicines that are effective against many of the super bugs now evolving.

Olive Leaf Extract has now shown itself to be an answer and possible approach to overcome and destroy these super antibiotic resistant microorganisms. Clinical and laboratory studies have clearly shown that the active ingredient in Olive Leaf Extract will kill most viruses, all types of resistant bacteria, Anthrax, yeast, parasites as well as influenza virus, Ebola, HIV and other emerging viruses. This discovery may well provide the safety, protection and healing power in those cases where medical science and drug research have not provided an answer.

The Product

U.S Animal Nutritionals of Vermont’s Oli-Pet™ is an herbal extract prepared from olive leaves that is standardized to contain a minimum of 15% Oleuropein. Oli-Pet™ is the powerful way to fight viral and bacterial infections. Standard antibiotics suppress the body's natural immune system, and can destroy beneficial microbes. Oli-Pet™ works by stimulating the animal's own protective cells (phagocytes) to inactivate and ingest foreign invaders. It has no impact on "friendly" intestinal micro-organisms. It is extremely helpful in treating the following conditions:


Yeast Infections

Canine Hepatitis Infected Sutures

Kennel Cough Gum Disease

Cystitis Pneumonia

Endocarditois Influenza

Peritonitis Urinary Tract Infection

Staph Infections Lyme's Disease

Chronic Bladder Infections Upper Respiratory Infections

Dermatitis Reketsia

Ring Worm Hairy Heal Wart and Oral Viral Warts (dogs)

Ear Mites Foot Rot



Oli-Pet™ has undergone extensive toxicological testing and has produced no adverse effects when given in large doses to laboratory animals over long periods of time. Safety studies have been done on both Oleuropein and its hydrolysis products Elenolic Acid and Beta 3, 4 dihydroxyphenylethyl alcohol, both of which demonstrate bioactivity as well. Oli-Pet™ is nonmutagenic and is considered an extremely safe product.


Oli-Pet™ is available in a both 250 & 500 mg capsules and in a 15cc and 300 gram tube containing a paste which can be dispensed by plunger action, for those animals that will not take pills easily. The tube nozzle is placed in the back of the animal’s throat and squeezed to administer the proper dosage. The recommended dosage as a preventative, is one dose daily for animals up to 70 lbs, and two doses daily for animals over 70 lbs.

The only adverse effect of using Olive Leaf Extract to fight off an active infection is a counter response known as the Herxheimer Reaction. It is caused by a large "die-off" of the pathological organism causing the infection, which in turn may lead to an allergic or toxic overload effect. The body's own immune system destroys the dead bacteria and the breakdown products can cause a variety of toxic symptoms. Some detoxification symptoms may occur with the initial use of Oli-Pet™ as it kills bad microbes faster than the body can eliminate them. This is easily remedied by reducing the dosage for a few days to allow the animal's waste disposal system to catch up. Once the cleaning takes place, which may take up to several days, energy levels will increase and the symptoms will subside


All the components found in Glyco-Flex® PLUS EQ and Glyco-Flex® PLUS and DOUBLE STRENGTH for Dogs have been used in the veterinary field for many years and are extremely safe to use as directed. The nutritional factors found in the products are part of normal metabolism of the cells and are used by the body without causing negative side effects.

How Oli-Pet™ - Olive Leaf Extract Works Against Microorganisms

Oli-Pet™ possesses direct anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic activity when taken orally or applied topically. Oleuropein breaks down in the body to produce Elenolic Acid, a compound which has shown exceptional virucidal and bactericidal activity against all viruses and bacteria for which it has been tested. Oleuropein is able to enhance the immune response and enable the body to fight infection more effectively. There are specific ways that Oleuropein is able to work against microbes. They include:

By attacking microbes directly and improving the immune response, Olive Leaf Extract (Oli-Pet™) can work in a one-two punch to help the body eradicate and destroy the microorganism. Oleuropein, via its breakdown into Elenolic Acid within the cell is able to directly penetrate infected host cells and irreversibly inhibit viral replication. It also works on latent viruses as well apparently without influencing other mechanisms or reactions of the host cell. This remarkable property may explain why Oli-Pet™ is completely nontoxic.

Earlier studies with the Calcium salt of Elenolic Acid showed that the compound, having excellent virucidal and bactericidal results in test culture systems (in vitro), quickly lost activity when given to a host animal (in vivo). The problem was that Calcium Elenolate rapidly binds to proteins in the blood and was made inactive. Further research discovered a method of formulation that could bypass the protein-clinging property and leave the Oleuropein structure intact. The resulting formula became the proprietary dietary supplement Oli-Pet™, composed of active Oleuropein and other synergistic components found in Olive Leaf Extract which includes Quercetin and other flavanoid structures.

Clinical Studies

There have been many clinical studies which have validated Oli-Pet's™ excellent antimicrobial activity against a whole host of pathogens. For example, in 1993, Oli-Pet™ was tested on six patients with genital herpes. Three of the patients reported that their lesions disappeared within 48 hours. The remaining three increased their dosage with one reporting that most of the lesions were gone three days later. The other two did better but did not eliminate their lesions entirely. Results showed that 66% (4 out of 6) eliminated their lesions on the Olive Leaf Extract and 33% (2 out of 6) showed improvement.

Dr. Walker reported in his book, Nature’s Antibiotic-Olive Leaf Extract , a summary of Olive Leaf Extract effectiveness against a number of health conditions as reported on pages 72-73. The Chief Investigator, Robert Lyons, O.M.D., M.S. at the Robert Lyons Clinic in Budapest, Hungary, did the evaluations.

Table 2: Results from the Use of Olive Leaf Extract Against Pathological Organisms - Viruses, Bacteria, and Fungi

Disease Entities No of Patients Fully Recovered Improved Unchanged Deteriorated
Respiratory diseases (tonsillitis, pharyngitis, tracheitis, etc.) 119 115 4 none none
Lung conditions (pneumonia, bronchitis, etc.) 45 42 3 none none
Dental problems (pulpitis, leukoplakia, stomatitis) 67 60 5 2 none
Skin conditions (herpes and other viral skin problems) 172 120 52 none none
Bacterial skin infections (pyoderma, injuries) 37 30 7 none none
Ulcer disease (while experiencing Helicobacter pylori infection) 17 none 17 none none
Strengthened immunity 43 n/a 40 3 none


From the above results, the Clinic's conclusions are:

1.The rate of improvement or recovery from all bacterial and viral infections was approximately 98 percent.

2. For all patients involved in this clinical study, the body’s immune system was strengthened.

3. Including children and adolescents among the tested patients, none experienced any adverse side effects.

Characteristics of the study’s patients -

Gender: 58% women 42% men

Ages: 10 to 20 years: 12

20 to 30 years: 117

30 to 40 years: 143

40 to 50 years 181

50 and over: 47

Number of patients: 500

Source: A Clinic Investigation by the Robert Lyons Clinic of Budapest, Hungary — Robert Lyons, O.M.D., M.S. was the chief investigator.

These results point out the exceptional success rate that Olive Leaf Extract can have on a large variety of health conditions.

Oli-Pet™ as a therapeutic agent, goes beyond its antimicrobial activity. Research shows it also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which are especially beneficial for aiding cardiovascular disease, yeast infections and inflammatory conditions.


Cardiovascular Health

Olive Leaf Extract is beneficial for both coronary heart disease (CHD) and peripheral vascular disease (PVD).

Researchers at the University of Milan reported in a 1994 study that Oleuropein protects, as an antioxidant, low density lipoproteins from oxidation and interferes with the biochemical events that lead to arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). Oleuropein has similar antioxidant properties of various polyphenolic compounds and flavonoids that protect the cardiovascular system.

Physicians have reported that Olive Leaf Extract is effective in reducing hypertension and can help eliminate arterial fibrillation which usually leads to the implantation of a permanent pacemaker. Arterial fibrillation is a heart condition marked by rapid, irregular heart rate from 130 to 150 beats per minute. Studies in Belgium and Spain reported a significant decrease in high blood pressure in patients after being on Olive Leaf Extract for three months. The investigators found that it reduced both systolic and diastolic blood pressures. Multiple animal studies have confirmed Olive Leaf Extract’s ability to reduce hypertension as well to normalize arrhythmic action of the heart.

Specific areas where Olive Leaf Extract is effective include:


Intestinal parasites is a major problem with equine, canine, feline and bovine. They can cause severe gastrointestinal problems, chief among them being diarrhea. Parasites which can infect the gastrointestinal tract include viruses, fungi, bacteria, protozoa and helminth worms. They can cause serious irritation of the GI tract, interfere with bodily functions and release multiple toxins into the body, causing tissue injury and disease.

Malaria is a serious world-wide disease caused by the different species of the protozoan organism Plasmodium, transferred by the female mosquito. Malaria attacks occur in a regular cycle which include fatigue and high fever. It can be especially fatal to the very young, the old and animals with a weakened system.

Olive Leaf Extract is perhaps the most effective antiparasitic agent available and can clean out both blood-born and GI tract parasites in a relatively short time. Depending on the size of the animal, 2-10 grams daily over several weeks, is quite effective in eliminating the plasmodium parasite (malaria), pinworms, ear mites, giardia, ring worm and round worms, just to name a few. Taken on a daily basis, Oli-Pet™ can truly prevent these parasites from coming back once they have been eliminated.

Inflammatory Conditions

As mentioned earlier, Oli-Pet™ also is a potent anti-inflammatory preparation which can be very effective against a number of inflammatory conditions caused by:

Oleuropein is the apparent active anti-inflammatory factor in Olive Leaf Extract although there may be other anti-inflammatory flavanoids present as well. Oli-Pet™ works well to bring relief of the pain and swelling associated with the above conditions.


There is a wide range of health problems for which the Olive Leaf Extract - Oli-Pet™ has been found to be effective, as this report has shown. In an age of increased threat of serious infectious diseases and "super microbes", the antimicrobial properties of Oli-Pet™ are truly encouraging. Olive Leaf Extract can perform both as a preventive or therapeutic factor against viruses, bacteria and a host of parasites.

Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract also include:

  1. Conjunctivitis
  2. Canine Hepatitis
  3. Kennel Cough
  4. Cystits
  5. Endocarditois
  6. Peritonitis
  7. Staph Infections
  8. Urinary Tract Infections

The olive tree has been called the Tree of Life. With the revelation of the many wonderful healing properties of Olive Leaf Extract now being clinically documented — this statement takes on a whole new meaning.


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OLIPETA nutritional supplement for immune system health. Oli-Petô is 100% pure Olive Leaf Extract. The Olive Leaf Extract used in Oli-Petô is standardized to yield 15% Oleuropein, the key active ingredient. Tests show that eliminating microorganisms which may support its use in almost any type of microbial invasion. Olive Leaf Extract also contains a natural complement of bioflavonoids like Quercetin and Rutin which are antioxidants. In addition, Olive Leaf Extract promotes circulatory health and is an antioxidant. Oli-Petô is an extremely effective, all natural and safe supplement. Each capsule contains 250 mg of Olive Leaf Extract (Standardized to yield 15% Oleuropein).

Ingredients: Olive Leaf Extract, Rice Flour, Vegetable Stearate. As a dietary supplement, give orally or break capsule open and mix with food. If feeding of more than one capsule, divide between AM and PM.

Initial: 2 capsules per 35 lbs. for 7-10 days then reduce to one capsule per 70 lbs.

Maintenance: Up to 70 lbs give one capsule, over 70 lbs give two capsules daily.

A Nutritional supplement to support immune system health. Oli-Pet™ Paste is 100% pure Olive Leaf Extract in a Dextrose and Corn Oil paste. OliPasteThe Olive Leaf Extract used in Oli-Pet™ Paste is standardized to yield 15% Oleuropein, the key active ingredient. It is highly effective in eliminating microorganisms which support its use in almost any type of microbial invasion. Olive Leaf Extract also contains a natural complement of bioflavonoids like Quercetin and Rutin which are antioxidants. Olive Leaf Extract blocks microorganisms by interfering with certain amino acid production processes necessary for their virulence. In addition, Olive Leaf Extract directly stimulates phagocytosis, an immune system response in which phagocytes ingest microorganisms and foreign matter without disturbing beneficial intestinal microorganisms. Oli-Pet™ Paste is an extremely effective, all natural and safe supplement.

Ingredients: Corn Oil, Olive Leaf Extract, Dextrose, Silicon Dioxide

Suggested Use: Administer orally into the back of the mouth.

Dogs and Cats: Give 333 mgs (1 notch on calibrated plunger) of Olive Leaf Extract per day.

Calves and Foals: Give 1 gram (3 notches on calibrated plunger) of Olive Leaf Extract per day. Total feedings per tube for these animals is 5.

Cows and Horses: Give one tube containing 5 grams of Olive Leaf Extract per day. Total doses per tube for these animals is 1.

Initial: Above can be increased by up to 3 divided feedings per day.