transporation get unlimited metrocard to travel around Manhattan
telephone If staying in hotel, get prepaid phone cards that can be used from pay telephones
Museums Pay what you wish at Metropolitan Museum-
Check Museum Schedules for free nights
Theatre Check under fun to learn about discount tickets at 45 St.-same day performance or at World Trade Center
Go to the theatre box office close to showtime and sometimes one is able to get house seats-seats kept in case somebody important might show up at last minute
Tipping Take the price of the meal minus tax and add 25 percent- 15 percent tip and 8 1/2 percent tax
If bill comes to 8 dollars before tax, leave 10 dollars. 1/4 of 8 Many Nyers don't pay tip on drinks
Internet Ny public libraries have free internet access
Early Bird Specials Many restaurants offer fixed prix meals-stay within the menu since they catch you for extras
Public Buildings in Midtown For tax reasons, there are many beautiful places to "brownbag" it in ac buildings- ie Sony building-buy lunch elsewhere and sit in pleasant surroundings
Take advantage of Central Park Wonderful Zoo-free concerts in the summertime-rent a bike or skates or boat
Inexpensive sightseeing take the Staten Island Ferry
Statue of Liberty take the ferry to Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
World Trade Center Go to the Observation Deck and see the panorama of the city
Art Visit the auction houses-no admission fees
Galleries Practically all galleries charge no admission
Garment district Walk through the garment district and look for handouts telling of major discount sales
Closeouts Go to OddLot,Weber's etc to find grab bag of closeouts