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Natural Pain Killers
Since Morgy was diagnosed with bone cancer I have been trying to find alternatives to the Rimadyl my vet prescribed that might have less possible side effects. First what are indications that your cat or dog is suffering pain. They appear to mask it well-possibly from instinct for self preservation-ie show no pain or else easy victim for a predator
  • loss of appetite
  • assuming new unusual resting position-ie lying on a leg-helps ease pain
  • change in activity level-sleeps more
  • less interactive-wants to be a lone
  • unusual licking behavior
  • more snappish than usual
  • sleeps later
  • loss of weigh
  • stops more often while walking
  • occasional limping
  • don't assume that your dog for instance might have injured himself/herself during playing-Morgy began limping after play fighting with his littermate Hammy-it turned out to be bone cancer-there was a weakness already underlying-which set the stage for the limping! There are herbal antiinflammatories but herbs also have side effects.
  • ARNICA-external use only unless homeopathic arnica montana tablets-usually used short term for acute cases-
  • astragulus-also possible anti cancer properties
  • Ashwaganda-also supposedly good gfor insomnia and stress
  • Chamomile-also calming,wound healing potential,possibly good for ulcers,mucuous linings inflammation etc
  • Celery--if kidney inflammation-suggested not to use
  • GARLIC-egads so many great properties-ie cancer prevention help,lowering cholesterol,blood pressure,circulation-anti bacterial,parasite,etc
  • devil's Claw-caution re heart condition-or ulcers
  • goldenseal-antiinfection too-caution re might destroy some good bacteria in gut-need acidophilus
  • hyssop-also antiviral-possibly good for retroviruses-be careful if one use essential oil-sounds as if you have to stay with dried herb to be safe
  • Licorice root is an anti-inflammatory but if you companion has heart condition,it might ie raise blood pressure..possible side effects with liver problems and hypertension
  • Yucca may be another herb to investigate.
  • Willow bark but not for felines!
  • Tumeric-but contradindiction if bile ducts are obstructed-
  • Sherperd's Purse-not for pregnant animal!-some herbalists think best herb for allaying bleeding both internally and externally
  • Sarsaparilla-sounds really interesting-might help block pain-but also caution re it might interfere with certain medications-
  • Rosemary-not for pregnant animals-may also help in prevention of development of tumors and may help to protect liver
  • pRICKY ash-SUPPOSEDLY GREAT FOR TOOTH ACHES-avoid for pregnant animals-
  • plantain-besides anti-inflammatory-possible diuretic-possible anti cancer-don't use if using pysillium
  • Pau d'arco-controversy-also have to worry about source of the product-possible anticancer also-
  • Joanne from Vitamin-Resource.comsuggestions re natural painkillers. Joanne is not a vet but one true animal lover-One should always consult with your vet! These are just suggestions -for you to start with a continue your own research-I have found that Joanne offers the best prices on the net consistently for pet books and Bach Flower Remedies,Animal Apawethecary products,etc-Please check her prices before you buy from another online supplier!
    Joanne wrote:When I was looking for natural pain relievers, Noni came up.  I
    didn't know much about Noni so I dug up this article.  It sounds
    interesting not only for pain but also as an anti-cancer herb.  I had
    heard about it
    more for allergies and digestion.  This was new to me.  When
    something is the new "miracle" supplement, I'm always suspicious but
    it might be worth looking into.
    I finally found the article on the natural pain relievers that I
    wrote about.  Unfortunately, I don't see anything specifically for
    bone pain.  Most of them are topical ointments or gels and
    anti-inflammatories for joint pain or  tablets for headaches.
    I looked around at what I carry in pet care products to see if there
    was anything specifically for the bones.  Again these products are
    mainly for arthritis and joint pain but here is what I found:
    Homeopet -- Arthritis - Joint and Bone Support Formula
    Ingredients: Rhus toxicodendron 6c, 30c, Hypericum perforatum 6c,
    30c, Aconitum napellus 6c, 30c,
    Calendula officinalis 6c, 30c, Lathyrus staivus 6c, 30c.
    What the manufacturer says - May help arthritis conditions, bone
    deformity, degenerative
    myelopathy, leg perthes, hip dysplasia, teething. Dogs and cats too
    can suffer the riggers of growing
    old. When they're slower to rise, due to stiffness, experiencing
    lameness from sore muscles or joints,
    even a little exercise or climbing stairs can cause pain. Homeopet's
    unique formulation can quickly
    and safely reduce pain and inflammation, increasing mobility and
    restoring the quality of life.
    Tasha's Herbs - Willowbark (for dogs, do not give to cats)
    Ingredients: Vegetable glycerin, distilled water, black cohosh,
    meadowsweet, white willow bark,
    celery seed, alfalfa leaf, hawthorne berry, rosehips, prickly ash
    bark, and flower essences.
    What the manufacturer says - Formulated to help relieve inflammation,
    aid connective tissues and
    address the accompanying sense of insecurity, rigidity and anxiety
    which dogs experience when
    living with the challenges of reduced movement and stiffness. Also
    for general pain after surgery and
    Chinese Patent Medicine - Tung Shueh Pills (people pills)
    What the manufacturer says - Based on the knowledge and experience of
    ancient Chinese herbalists,
    this formula is designed to strengthen bones and tendons and improve
    circulation.  Customers report
    that Tung Shueh Pills reduce pain, stiffness, swelling and
    inflammation in their lower backs, knees
    and shoulders. Good for chronic pain problems as well as muscular
    strains and injuries. Made in the
    USA with Chinese herbs.
    If I were going to try something, I would probably go with the
    Tasha's herbs product, it's probably the
    closest thing to an herbal aspirin.  You are already giving
    homeopathics, so I don't know if you want
    to give another formula on top of that.  The reason I included the
    Tung Shueh Pills is because I liked
    that it "strengthened bones"
    Animals Apawthacary has a Alfalfa/Yucca blend but she doesn't say
    much about it in her brochure -