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Richter's Herbs
They appear to have best prices for essential oils and for herbs and plants-also take advantage of their free monthly news letter!latest herbal news etc-x
James duke advisor to naturesherbs-there are articles on the site which give research etc on herbs-another free newsletter-cheaper than buying a book-please bookmark James Duke's database-for reference James Duke's database
Back issues of alternative medicine journal-online

DOUBLE CHECK THESE SPECIALS-THEY ARE THE BEST TO MY KNOWLEDGE LEGITIMATE-DON'T ASSUME ANYTHING :-) MY site has affiliation with some of these companies-but if I find a better promotion which my site won't get credit for-I will post what I find-again discount catalogs seem to have best prices-so far the best prices I have found for pet perscriptions isOmaha Vaccine OmahaVaccine
Internet Pets
is cheaper in some and has lower shipping
$25 Gift Certificate: 120 x 90
Vitamin-resource-greatest prices for some pet books ie Pitcairn and Don Hamilton and MacCleod books-homeopathic-so far best prices I have seen for homeopathic kits-which aren't listed on website
sherpa bags
Petopia is currently running a special of 30% off of travel supplies. Two items which look especially great are the pet ramp and the sherpa bagsSherpa bags are greatest cat pet carriers-they are lightweight,attractive and many airlines approve them. It is very difficult to find them at this price. I have one for my cats-I usually put the bag on its side..put Snow or Yuki headfirst and then zip it up. pet ramp
$10 of $30 at eCentives
These are some of our affiliates that also offer great prices besides information
Click here for the lowest priced herbal supplements on the web! DiscountNutrition.comdiscountnutrition
they have Norwegian fish oil
great for cats and humans

medicine chest newsletter

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