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These fresh flower tips will hopefully show you how to care for the fresh flowers and extend the life of the flowers that you pick and buy. The flowers take so long to grow, it is such a shame to see the petals droop and die so quickly.

For pet owned people, beware of herbicides and pesticides and even mulch. Just received email warning about cocoa mulch that has poisoned some dogs. They think the shells are food

  1. when buying the flowers make certain the petals are firm and the buds have color-a good sign that they will later open
  2. gently roll damp newspaper over the flowers and wait a while to help condition the flowers and then prick the stem just below the flower with a pin to help prevent air blockages and assure proper hydration.
  3. clean your vases with bleach-to kill bacteria from previous flowers
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  4. cut the stems at a 45 degree angle under running water or under water, -with a sharp knife-creates more of a surface to
  5. add either store bought nourishment-supposedly you can use mix one part water with one part lemon-lime soda(real sugar)
  6. if you are really motivated you can make a solution with 1 1/2 percent calcium cholride to help lengthen their staying power.
  7. you might want to add two drops of bleach to a quart of the water to cut down bacteria growth
  8. one teaspoon of sugar to quart of waterto possible provide nourishment
  9. piece of charcoal to help purify the water
  10. allow the water in-a scissors might crush part of the stem
  11. juice of 1/2 lemon to quart of water to lower the water's PH and possibly retard bacteria-
  12. Remove all foliage that will be below the water line.
  13. fill with tepid water-less air to clog the stems
  14. Change the water (and floral food) every three to four days and recut the stems.
  15. try to place your arrangement out of the sun in coolest part of room-heat speeds up the decaying process
  16. use a vase that is 1/3 to 1/2 as tall as the flowers
  17. too cold a place or a drafty place isn't such a good idea either
  18. air conditioners can also help dry out the flowers more quickly
  19. remove the dead flowers as they appear-they release ethylene gas which helps speed the aging of the other flowers
  20. don't use iron containers for the flowers
  21. keep on cleaning the water-to get rid of the bacteria
  22. you can use a turkey baster to add water to narrow deep vases
  23. spray mist the flowers
  24. you can always throw in beautiful clear marbles to prop up the flowers
  25. use clear scotchtape across top of the vase to help arrange your display
  26. if you choose daffodils..keep them isolated from other flowers as they emit daffodil slime-toxic to other plants-supposedly if you put them in water for 12 hours and don't recut their stems-you can stop the segregation
  27. silk flowers -put them in a bag with some salt or rice and shake or use a hair dryer
  28. speedy drying flowers-put a small bowl of water in microwave-put sand or borax in a microwave container-bury the flower face up in the drying agent-and then sprinkle more the drying agent over the flower-then nuke for about three minutes-leave the flower in the container outside the microwave over night-you can help preserve them by spraying hair spray on them
  29. these plants help clean the air indoors-great for offices that have terrible ventilation:Chinese Evergreen
    English Ivy
    Peace Lily
    Spider Plant
    Tree Philodendron
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State Flowers
  • Alabama.... Camellia
  • Alaska.... Forget-Me-Not
  • Arizona.... Saguaro Cactus Blossom
  • Arkansas.... Apple Blossom
  • California.... Golden Poppy
  • Colorado.... Rocky Mountain Columbine
  • Connecticut.... Mountain Laurel
  • Delaware.... Peach Blossom
  • District of Columbia.... American Beauty Rose
  • Florida.... Orange Blossom
  • Georgia.... Cherokee Rose
  • Hawaii.... Hibiscus
  • Idaho.... Syringa
  • Illinois.... Native Violet
  • Indiana.... Peony
  • Iowa.... Wild Rose
  • Kansas.... Sunflower
  • Kentucky.... Goldenrod
  • Louisiana.... Magnolia
  • Maine.... White Pine Cone and Tassel
  • Maryland.... Black-Eyed Susan
  • Massachusetts.... Mayflower
  • Michigan.... Apple Blossom
  • Minnesota.... Lady's Slipper
  • Mississippi.... Magnolia
  • Missouri.... Hawthorn
  • Montana.... Bitterroot
  • Nebraska.... Goldenrod
  • Nevada.... Sagebrush
  • New Hampshire.... Lilac
  • New Jersey.... Violet
  • New Mexico.... Yucca
  • New York.... Rose
  • North Carolina.... Flowering Dogwood
  • North Dakota.... Wild Prairie Rose
  • Ohio.... Scarlet Carnation
  • Oklahoma.... Mistletoe
  • Oregon.... Oregon Grape
  • Pennsylvania.... Mountain Laurel
  • Rhode Island.... Violet
  • South Carolina.... Yellow Jessamine
  • South Dakota.... Pasque Flower
  • Tennessee.... Iris
  • Texas.... Bluebonnet
  • Utah.... Sego Lily
  • Vermont.... Red Clover
  • Virginia.... Dogwood
  • Washington.... Western Rhododendron
  • West Virginia.... Big Laurel
  • Wisconsin.... Wood Violet
  • Wyoming.... Indian Paintbrush