First step is to sweep the floor-amazing how it helps prevent vacuum cleaner from getting clogged-amazing how it also saves time-you can centralize your "piles"-best to save floors for last if you are doing real cleaning..
  • Wax,candles, and gum—first use some of freezing agent-ie ice cube,something in your freezer etc,then use something to scrape off as much as you can-without wrecking the fiber-.next take a warm iron and put brown paper bag on spots and iron..brown paper bag will absorb the remaining wax..you might also try a hairdryer on high-but ironing is easier
  • Blood—Rub in a paste of corn starch, let it dry and brush it off
  • Water-based glue—Hot water
  • Sprinkle baking soda on whatever surface you want to clean-floor-counter etc-better to get one of those flour sprinklers to get a finer shower and then spill vinegar on the soda..voila,you hear a sizzle and then start cleaning up the mess. If you want to make it more powerful add a little borax (caveat..as I am always in a rush or have other things on my mind, I usually use too much baking soda and have to clean up the residue
  • wood floor-dust and hair-get a remnant of polar fleece or old polar fleece garmet and wrap it around a broom or mop and dust..[polar fleece really picks up hair etc-we all know if we have animals

  • Murphy Soap is good hard floor cleaner-vegetable rather than petroleum based
  • floor or furniture polish - Use 1 part lemon to 2 parts olive oil and apply sparingly Or mix three parts olive oil and one part vinegar or one part lemon juice with two parts olive oil or ready made Mayonnaise

  • scuff marks-grated onion
  • scuff marks-put on pair of sneakers(white sole)and rub your feet on marks

  • spot remover-club soda

  • toothpaste--lifts crayon marks off the
  • 2 parts paraffin wax to 1 part vinegar for finished floor wax-use a double boiler if possible to melt the wax,then add vinegar-use a soft cloth-and let it soak in wax-vinegar mix for at least half an hour-let it dry and use as polishing cloth
  • for floor or furniture-2 to 1 ratio of vegetable oil to lemon-be careful at first,surface becomes slippery-substitute-mayonaisse-you might want to rub cloth over to take off excess