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tired or sweaty or stinky feet
  • There is a slight chance if there is body wide sweating etc, the reasons for sweaty(hyperhydrosis) feet or smelly feet/bromohydrosis could be from as anemia/ low blood count or hyperthyroidism/ overactive thyroid

  • try not to wear synthetic shoes or synthetic socks..natural fibers "breathe", ie silk cotton
  • soak feet in tomato juice-for odor
  • soak feet in tea/possibly purple tea is the best-soothing plus helps rid odor-tea has astringent properties
  • put baking soda in bath-again soothing for feet and diminishes foot odor
  • try baking soda with a few teaspoons of vinegar
  • buy some tea tree oil-anti fungal anti bacteria-it can irritate some people's skin-cheaper to buy the essential oil and put it
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    in shampoo or even a couple of drops to clean teeth etc-
  • supposedly taking a bath with some ginger for a long time helps one to sweat and rid body of toxins
  • if you are suddenly excessively sweating, check your teeth out. You may have a gum infection.
  • antiperspirants-don't think it is healthy although it helps prevent feet from sweating-
  • people do use antiperspirants on their feet..who knows..I think it is better to get the toxins out!
  • deodorize the shoes-ie put activated charcoal,yes coffee grounds,yes grass clippings, yes baking soda, yes even cat litter-

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  • drink a lot of water-
  • dust your feet with cornstarch or powder
  • don't wear the same shoes but alternate
  • try rubbing your feet with turnip juice or radish juice-supposedly natural deodorants
  • buy some ginger root-mash it up and use the juice and rub it on your feet-keep on trying it-
  • you might also try rubbing lemon on your feet
  • some body odor caused by zinc deficiency
  • might try adding such herbs such as coriander, licorice, cinammon, oregano and rosemary to your diet-great antifungals
  • have read about paraffin treatment..wonder if one tries to wax the bottom of one's feet with melted down cooled candle..might be worth a go
  • might try to forego sugar and alcohol for a week to see if that has anything to do with it
  • might try buying some acne soap and using that on your is anti bacteria...
  • might try eating parsley and cilantro..they might help absorb odor..also have read that cilantro is great metal detoxer...great with salsa and chips!
  • you might try zinc may have a deficiency..can be a great immune supporter
  • you might try diluted liquid chlorophyll or a "purple drink" to help combat body odor

Blisters-taping your feet with duct tape
Disaster happened when I bought "comfortable" pair of shoes. If you wind up with bad blisters, try duct tape as a substitute bandage. To remove it, use mineral oil or some other oil based lubricant to help ease it off. I purchase sterile gauze to put over the actual blister. Calendula might also aid to heal it faster. Disinfect the blister before applying the tape.
I read another use for ducttape is for warts on the bottom of feet. Cover them with ducttape for three days and they might go away. There is also an acid sold over the counter that works for removing some warts.
Never go for a three mile walk in new shoes that appear comfortable for a four block walk.
There is also a solution that comes in red squeeze plastic bottle made mostly of papaya. You wet the inside of your shoe and wear the shoe. The new shoe gently stretches to the size of your foot. It doesn't appear to stain the shoes.
dyo also has liquid shoe stretcher. I have read to use 70 percent alcohol and 30 percent water for homemade shoe stretcher but won't try it as afraid the alcohol might affect the color. Also have read suggestion of potato peels stuffed in the shoe. Somehow I don't go for that one. You can also stuff new shoes with paper that has been dampened to stretch them a little before you start wearing them.

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