colds sniff sniff
Yes it seems to work-sesame oil in the nose..check out this link Sesame oil-Queen of the OilsA friend who spends a lot of time in India told me about it... use organic sesame oil and rub it in your nostrils..caveat a few people are allergic to sesame seeds..have also read you can use ghee. Sesame oil might also be good for sinus.
  • a friend of Greek ancestry said she uses olive oil in her nostrils
  • she also uses Metaxas Brandy-another Greek remedy-even used for little children
  • a Korean friend says in his country, they boil ginger root and make ginger tea for colds and some ginger root and boil it and you have the tea..put some honey in it
  • you can help sweat out the cold by putting two tablespoons of ginger root in a cup of water and draw a bath and put it should help you sweat..then get under the covers
  • yarrow tea, paul d'arco tea and slippery elm might also help
  • two capsules of garlic three times a day-yes garlic is an anti viral-yes the odorless garlic doesn't smell too much
  • l-lysine might help-yes people use it to help prevent cold sores-don't take it for extended period of time-
  • lemon tea
  • good old chicken soup-spicier the better..helps break up the mucuous
  • zinc-studies show it works for adults but questionable efficacy for children
  • saline solution-there have been studies which show its efficacy-you can always buy sea salt and make your own-a friend carries a spray when he flies-he said it really helps prevent getting sick from unrecycled air
  • vitamin C might help lessen duration of the cold and might act as natural antihistamine
  • Elderberry Extract - Sambucol)
  • vitamin A might help heal inflame mucuous membranes
  • echinacea-hate to mention goldenseal as it is "endangered"
  • some homeopathic remedies
  • you can buy a neti-a friend uses one every day for his sinus problems-here is a link that explains how to use a neti and why it might work