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"And frame your mind to mirth and merriment, which bars a thousand harms and lengthens life.
The Taming of the Shrew-Shakespeare

U.S. Food and Drug Administration • Center for Drug Evaluation and Research
Vast amount of drug information

humorous quotes
laughter is great medicine

"Antidepressants remained the top-selling category of drug in 2001, with sales of $12.5 billion, up 20.2%. Anti-ulcer drugs (led by Prilosec and Prevacid) were the second biggest sellers as a category, with retail sales of $10.8 billion, up 14.4%. "

State Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs
includes seniors, disabled, uninsured and others- at least 38 states

FDA latest drug approval list

Why Different Purchasers Pay Different Prices for Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drug Pricing in Vermont:
Drug Companies Profit at the Expense of Older Americans
Prepared for Rep. Bernard Sanders

Federal Citizen Information Center

Medication side effects and liver ..also vegetarians and possible medication side effects

Generic Drugs: Questions and Answers
From FDA Site
(Some say certain brand names are more effective depending on drug but documentation hard to find- listen to a doctor who has earned your trust. This article might also add clarification to the debate about quality of generic versus brand name drug. Also some brand name manufacturers manufacture the generic when the brand name goes off patent.

The US gov's office(FDA) Office of Generic Drugs

Search engine for brand name and Canadian brand name if different and if available in Canada

National Institute for Health Care Management Research and Educational Foundation
Non profit pro consumer educational organization. ie A Primer: Generic Drugs, Patents and the Pharmaceutical Marketplace
Prescription Drug Expenditures in 2001: Another Year of Escalating Costs

"According to Jupiter Communications, on-line drug sales in the United States were US$23 million in 2000 (as cited in National Association of Boards of Pharmacy 2001: 44), barely a scratch on the total of US$97.4 billion sold through retail pharmacies (IMS Health 2001)".

Noah Health Org -medications and drugs

Consumer Health News (Medications-Online)

The FDA's medwatch safety alerts

PubMed National Library of Medicine

Online Medical Dictionary

How to read prescriptions

Recent Effexor research an SNRI

The antidepressants, Effexor,Paxil,Luvox,Zoloft, Remeron, Wellbutrin and Bipolar Disorder and Stop Smoking Aid and Weight Loss

anticonvulsants(lamictal, topamax,gabitril,keppra) for bipolar disorder

atypical antipsychotics and their off label uses with bipolar disorder and mania such as Zyprexa Risperdal Seroquel

Topamax and migraine research

SP- social anxiety /social phobia research

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Paxil, Topamax, Luvox, and Zoloft Research

Migraine research(anticonvulsants,beta blockers triptans tricyclic antidepressants )

GAD generalized anxiety disorder -paxil effexor research

SAD Seasonal Affect Disorder Paxil Zoloft Research

PD Panic Disorder research abstracts SSRIS Xanax Klonopin paxil zoloft

ocd obsessive compulsive disorder research

Arthritis research such as leflunomide, methotrexate, and sulfasalazine

Parkinson's research dopamine agonists cabergoline, pramipexole and ropinirole

Seniors and Chronic Pain
Nearly One in Five Seniors Takes Medication for Chronic Pain

Drug Information

just for curiosity shows a chart of price differences among countries of popular drugs

The medications the drug companies were pushing in 2001 by how much they paid in advertising. Check out the costs

Medicare and Drug costs-an eye opener

Congressional and Regulatory Weekly Watch

Tablets can vary in color depending on country sold to. You can always call the drug company to check

Over 37% of Americans have no drug insurance and over 41 million Americans are not covered by insurance.

If your medication comes in tablets and is scored, you may want to ask your doctor to prescribe a higher dosage if you get his approval and then buy a pill splitter, that will further reduce costs substantially. Neat article on pill splitting
Be careful, some come in capsules.

Defective Drug Guide

Disability Information and Resource Center

drug comparisions- a noncommercial site

  Many of us need to find cheap drugs. Without insurance, many of us can't afford drugs that can cost three or more dollars a pill let alone ten dollars a pill. The internet has made it easier to find cheap or cheaper sources for medication or information to help reduce the cost of drugs. Hopefully this webpage for cheap drugs will help. It is broken down into cheap drugs with state programs, cheap drugs from Canada, Cheap drugs with free or small cost Cards, Cheap Drugs, and Patient Assistance Programs where you can get free drugs regardless of whether you are a senior citizen or not.
Another great resource for online cheaper drugs is from legitimate Canadian online pharmacies.Usually you fax or mail your prescription and the Canadian pharmacy sends you the medication within three weeks, a lesser time if it is refill. Make sure the pharmacy also has brick and mortar shop.
save money buy medications from rxbyfax canadian discount pharmacy
Make sure the Canadian pharmacies have an 800 number.Rxbyfax and RXNorth are brick and mortar Canadian drugstores with no hidden fees. Both charge 15 dollars US dollars for handling shipping and having a doctor review the prescription(prescriptions)per order. Be careful of hidden costs Both Rxbyfax and RXNorth require valid prescriptions and don't sell narcotics or sedatives as it is illegal in Canada. If you find a pharmacy that does, beware. Both Canadian pharmacies have 800 numbers so make certain that the Canadian pharmacy has a number you can reach them by in case you have questions. Both CAnadian discount pharmacies sell manufactured sealed containers which is another important consideration. You will know there has been no tampering with the drugs. Because they sell factory sealed tablets, you have to buy a certain quantity as supplied by the manufacturer. At times you can save over 50 percent, a great savings! Because the American Dollar is stronger than the Canadian dollar although loosing its steam, because drug companies can't advertise in Canada and thus saves a bundle of money, and since the government controls prices and thus lobbyists don't spend the big political bucks besides the governmental controls, and because the Canadians have probably a lower standard of living although their quality of life might be better, the same drugs sold there are much cheaper than here. Don't be surprised to see the drug prices vary every few months, as the dollar has not be consistent against the Canadian dollar. Prices among the online discount Canadian pharmacies have become very competitive as so many new ones have popped up. That is also why it is so important not to just look at the price but look for hidden charges. Also some manufacturers are cutting back on their supplies to Canada and some drugstores are running short on certain brands and even buying some drugs from England. - A Website that calculates savings on about sixty drugs when bought through Canadian pharmacies.
Vitamin-Resource deep discount vitamin, Chinese herbal, Ayuvedic, Homeopathic Supplements and more

A Great Place to buy alternatives for your health. Joanne, the proprietor is well versed and is up to date on latest alternative research. Please do not take advantage of her vast knowledge if you do not intend to buy

An article written in dec 2003 from newspapaer
State Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs (includes seniors, disabled, uninsured and others)
At least 38 states have some kind of program to help. The website provides some telephone numbers and general information concerning each state that provides help."35 states have enacted laws to create programs; three others are by executive branch action only. 29 state programs now are in operation; in addition, Arkansas, Hawaii, Louisiana, Montana, New Mexico, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas and Washington have enacted laws that are not yet in operation. 30 states' laws provide for a direct subsidy using state funds. 20 states have created or authorized programs that offer a discount only (no subsidy) for eligible or enrolled seniors; a majority of these states also have a separate subsidy program.*
2003 Prescription Drug State Legislation (includes new subsidy, discount and bulk purchase plans)
Recent Medicaid Prescription Drug Laws and Strategies, 2001-2003
THE 2003 HHS POVERTY GUIDELINES One Version of the [U.S.] Federal Poverty Measure

Medicare-Prescription Drug Assistance Programs

medicare rights organization
for those on medicare a must visit-mentions preventative tests and supplies ie for diabetes for instance that medicare does cover

Social Security Disability and Appeal Process

Senior Only
Benefits: 10% rebate credited back to your Walgreens Senior Dividends Card on each drug purchase. There is no cost for the card or to register the card-have to be 55, no prescription insurance, no government assistance etc
Arrp=annual small dues-Fifty years old and above
Pharmacy with low prices that delivers free to your door..mention Senior for lower prices.1-877-935-5797
AdvancePCS RxSavings Plus "About RxSavings Plus AdvancePCS RxSavings Plus is a prescription discount program designed to meet the needs of uninsured and underinsured Americans who normally pay cash for their prescription medication and would like to lower their prescription costs.
AdvancePCS RxSavings Plus enables members to use their prescription drug card at more than 51,000 participating pharmacies nationwide to receive an average savings of 20 percent off the regular retail price of prescription drugs. "
"AdvancePCS RxSavings Plus for Seniors helps uninsured and underinsured seniors, who normally pay cash for their prescription medications, save money on their prescription drug purchases! AdvancePCS RxSavings Plus for Seniors enables members to use their prescription drug card at more than 51,000 participating pharmacies nationwide. Members receive an average savings of 20 percent off the regular retail price of prescription drugs. Senior members will also enjoy extra savings on select medications for allergies, heart disease and glaucoma"
" AdvancePCS RxSavings Plus for Women helps uninsured and underinsured women, who normally pay cash for their prescription medication, save money on their prescription drug purchases! AdvancePCS RxSavings Plus for Women enables members to use their prescription drug card at more than 51,000 participating pharmacies nationwide. Members receive an average savings of 20 percent off the regular retail price of prescription drugs. Members will also enjoy extra savings on select oral contraceptive and hormone replacement therapy products. "
destinationrx -$9.95 for life
Another discount drug card honored by over 45,000 pharmarcies. Has a database to compare cheapest online prices for medications. Also has a dental plan.
The Prescription Drug Discount Card is FREE to ANYONE that needs it

List of Drug Companies providing free drugs for people with limited means

Patient's Assistance Programs for Medications-some application forms available at this site
Agaom. if you fit the criteria, most of these drugs are not cheap, but free. You should definitely look into them.

The WellCard™ Medical Savings Program provides Non-Insured Health Benefits
US asks Canada to stop cross-border drug trade

Amid growing US demand for low-priced prescription drugs from Canada, Washington is pressing Ottowa to crack down on Internet pharmacies that sell to US citizens in defiance of US regulations.

This week US Food and Drug Administration commissioner Mark McClellan travelled to the Canadian capital to plead the case of US drug companies, who say the transborder commerce poses health risks to Americans.

“We have seen lots of examples of unsafe drugs coming into the United States from Canada: unapproved medicines, medicines that were not stored properly, medicines that were dispensed in the wrong amounts or without a physician’s labeling,” he said.

Diane Gorman, assistant deputy minister of Health Canada, replied that the sales do not violate Canadian laws, and vigorously defended her agency’s safety record.

“We have no evidence at this time, in the context of Internet pharmacies, that there are unsafe products going to the United States. It’s very clear that Canada’s safety record is second to none internationally.”

Patented prescription drugs are up to 50 percent cheaper in Canada due to price controls, nonexistent in the United States.

US clients choose medications on the Internet, then mail a prescription signed by their US doctor. A Canadian practitioner countersigns the prescription, the US consumer pays with a credit card and receives the drugs by mail.

Cheaper Canadian medications are in such high demand that bus trips across the border to buy bargain drugs have been organized in the United States.

Ironically, the products purchased in Canada are often made in the United States and exported to Canada.

Major pharmaceuticals such as Eli Lilly, Astra Zenca, Pfizer, and GlaxoSmithKline — frustrated by the loss of customers in the world’s most lucrative drug market — have begun limiting their deliveries to Internet pharmacies suspected of doing business in the United States.

Canadian medical associations have also decided to fight the cyber drug trade, forbidding their members to prescribe drugs to patients they have not examined.

“Some doctors have been censured. There will be an inquiry and they may be fined or be suspended,” said William Pope, spokesman for the College of Doctors at Manitoba, the central-western province where many Internet pharmacies are located.

Some say sales to the United States hurt Canadians by diminishing drug supplies and by luring pharmacists to Internet pharmacies, where salaries are higher.

The Coalition for Pharmacies in Manitoba sites a glaring shortage of pharmacies in provincial hospitals and communities.

But the provincial government, with an eye on the economic benefits of the commerce, does not agree, saying the Internet pharmacies create jobs.

Pharmaceutical firms are suggesting a solution: end price regulation in Canada which, they say, deprives the country of cash to invest in research and development. —AFP
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